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Alberto Bocanegra has a track record of challenging the current Alderman on issues including the lack of development and lack of services in the ward. As Alderman Alberto will be accessible and visible throughout the community. He will work hard to stop Gentrification, Corruption, Violence and Overcrowding in our schools. Alberto will work hard to build recreation centers to keep our youth off of the streets and away from drugs and gangs. 

Alberto Bocanegra, Jr. was born and raised in Chicago Illinois, and is a Native son of the 12th Ward. Alberto graduated Shield Elementary, located in the 12th ward, and Curie High School. He also attended Fox College.

By the time Alberto was 20 years of age, he was the director of a successful Labor Employment Agency. Throughout his business career Bocanegra demonstrated care and concern for people. His revolutionary policy of providing free transportation to job sites encouraged the city council to entertain an ordinance codifying a similar idea. 

Alberto is a proud member of the organization that made the March 10th Immigration and May Day mega marches possible. He was featured on newscasts seen worldwide as he confronted Minutemen organizers. As a member the Committee For A Better Chicago (CFABC), Bocanegra has fought against corruption and injustice in all parts of the city. Alberto has fought hard for affordable housing, particularly in the 12th ward.



Issue #1
Public Safety

Issue #2
Quality Education for All.

Issue #3
Establish a Residents Council.

Issue #4
Pass the Clean Power Ordinance.


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